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Allaglow Bengals - Stud PageAllaglow Bengals - Stud Page



Allaglow Aristotle
Sire:  Allaglow Forest
Dam:  Allaglow Spinning Wheels






Hummmm...........I was just thinking..........















Allaglow River
Sire:  Allaglow Bubba
Dam:  Allaglow Eveready




















Allaglow Legacy

Sire:  Allaglow Forest
Dam:  Allaglow Spinning Wheels





At 3 weeks of age.


These 2 photo's taken at 4 weeks of age.






















Allaglow Bold De Gar  "Binky"

Sire:  Allaglow Herrod
Dam:  Allaglow Eveready






















There is a lot to like about this guy. 
His head, his structure, his pattern layout, his temperament
He is a full brother to Correna on Queens II. 
His sire is a full brother to Paintbrush also on Queens II. 



Trinity Bengals Edwin of Allaglow   
Sire:  BeenSpotted's Leviticus of Trinity-"Levi"
Dam:  Bellarista's First Lady-"Eva"














"Edwin is a stunning kitten with wonderful structure,
incredible pattern and a temperament as sweet as he is gorgeous. 
 He comes from a wonderful breeder with an amazing breeding program.  
Check it out, Trinity Bengals.  
I love this kitten! 
Edwin's sire "Levi"



Levi's dam, Bluewaters Queen Cleopatra II.


Edwin's dam Eva




Allaglow Meeko

Sire:  Allaglow Cobra Skin
Dam:  Allaglow Corintha


















                     An amazing Asian Leopard Cat

There is a lot to like about Meeko.  His tummy spots which continue up his chest, the little spots right above his feet, the deep chin,
the stare he can give you, the long long narrow body, the pattern, etc.  I think it is fair to say I love this kitten. 
He is (and I think will stay) smaller than I would prefer however I don't object to small cats when I like the rest of the package. 




 Allaglow Broken Arrow

Sire:  Allaglow Buttons  
Dam:  Allaglow Allaglow I Will Be Queen












Allaglow Vicker

Sire:  Allaglow Buttons 
Dam:  Allaglow Ming




 Allaglow Viceroy

Sire: Allaglow Buttons
Dam:  Allaglow Ming














Stonehenge Sculpted of Allaglow

Sire:  Purrlawnroughe Mindfreak of Stonehenge
Dam:  Stonehenge Joss Stone



Both photo's show Sculpted at 7 years of age.
Sculpted has been the chief sire at Allaglow for the past several years.  A large percentage of the cats currently in the program 
are his children or grandchildren. Sculpted came to Allaglow in 2008 thanks to the generosity of the great Bengal breeder Sydney Welch.  
He was the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen.  14K gold with ink black markings and a pristine white undercarriage.  
At age 7 hiscolor is still golden, but not quite 14K anymore, but his undercarriage is still pristine white.  Sculpted has been a magnificent 
sire as well he should have been.  His pedigree is nothing short of amazing.  His sire Mindfreak was sired 
by Legacy Romeo of Purrlawnrouge (Gogees Chippendale of Legacy X Legacy Stara) and was out of Silvergene Jolie of Stonehenge 
(RW QGC Dicaprio of Starbengal X Eeyaa Sterling Silver of Silvergene).  

Sculpted is out of Stonehenge Joss Stone by CH Stonehenge Rolling Stone (Stonehenge Journey X Jumanji Exotica of Stonehenge) and  out of 
Wildlove Scherazade of Stonehenge).  Sculpted was the perfect cat for my program providing an ideal outcross while maintaining the bloodlines 
my program was built upon.  The queen which is the female line to nearly half my cats (perhaps more) is Stonehenge Salome sired by Silvergene Heavy Metal 
(IW SGC Millwood Ischron of  Dreamland X Eeyaa Sterling Silver) and her dam was none other than Wildlove Scherazade of Stonehenge 
(IW Jumanji Mercury Rising of Wildlove X Wildlove Shandra (RW QGC Dicaprio of Starbengal X Junglebook Kenjara of Wildlove).  

The stud cat which I had used more heavily than any cat up to that time was Allaglow Ling Fu who appears in the pedigree of many of my males,
and is in the pedigree of all of my females except one.  Ling Fu was sired by Stonehenge Galactia of Allaglow (Silvergene Heavy Metal X the 
German import Brockenmoor Shiney Star.  Ling Fu's dam Neozen Mei Ling was a daughter of CH Abundadots Enzo of Neozen. 
 Both  Enzo and Mercury Rising were grandsons of Millwood Bakari of Katznjammer, a son of Millwood French Lace perhaps the most famous of the 
white tummied Bengals.  Bellagiobengals Olieandro was the product of breeding Silvergene Jolie of Stonehenge (IW SGC Dicaprio of 
Starbengal X Eeyaa Sterling Silver) to Wildlove Radar of Stonehenge, and breeding a daughter of that cross to Radar's full brother Wildlove Keeto.   
Radar and Keeto were double grandsons of IW Jumanji Mercury Rising of Wildlove and of Junglebook Kenjara of Wildlove.  
Junglebood  Kenjara  is a daughter IW QGC Dicaprio of Starbengal and is from the ALC Art Deco Cameo female line. 
 It does get complicated, but my program is very heavily line bred to a small number of very outstanding cats.  Sculpted was the perfect blend 
for for my program at the time he came.  I hope that my new boy TrinityBengals Edwin of Allaglow will be 
the perfect cat for breeding with the Sculpted decendents.



Allaglow Vincent
Sire:  Allaglow Buttons
     Dam:  Allaglow Ming
















 Allaglow Times Two

    Sire:  Allaglow Cobra Skin
    Dam:  Allaglow Extraordinary




















Allaglow Enter The Margay

     Sire:  Stonehenge Sculpted of Allaglow
     Dam:  Allaglow Amazonia





Margay has an amazingly ALC sized and shaped profile.  The ALC head has a rather short top skull which slants down
in a straight or slightly convex line to the nose.  The length from top-skull to nose tip is shorter than that of most cats. 
The chin is very deep, the whisker pads puffy, and the overall head appears smaller in proportion to the body than that of most breeds. 
Margay has one of the best ALC profiles I have ever produced.

Margay has a stunning pattern with some beautiful pawprint rosettes.



Allaglow Tiago

Sire:  Allaglow Herod
Dam:  Allaglow Olie Olie





















Tiago's parents live with friends of mine.  Herod is a brother to 
Paintbrush.  Olie Olie is by Bellagiobengals Olieandro and out of a 
Belliagiobengals Olieandro daughter.  Thusly Olie Olie.




Allaglow A Star is Born

Sire:  Allaglow Zen
Dam:  Allaglow Show Stopper



Bigfoot really does exist!




Star was born in Feb. 2014 and that these 2 photo's were taken in July 2014 showing him at 5 months of age.

This kitten is a double grandson of the great Allaglow Ling Fu daughter Allaglow Estrada who produced both Zen and Show Stopper.

It is amazing how much he reminds me of Phantom.



A Spectacular Asian Leopard Cat




Seen any ALC's lately?
Type wise, A Star Is Born looks more like an ALC 
than any cat I have seen past the first generation.



Allaglow Purrsonality

Sire:  Stonehenge Sculpted of Allaglow
Dam:  Allaglow








As a Kitten.

   At about six months.


As a kitten Purr had the most striking facial markings I have seen. 
They looked like stacked hearts. 
By six months or so they vere still very vivid, but had grown and their shape had changed. 
 As an adult his facial markings are still somewhat unique,
but nothing like they were when he was a kitten.







This little guy has a most interesting pattern.  I especially like his facial markings which are very unique.

I love Purr's pawprint rosettes.  Of the various rosette types, arrowhead, doughnut, pawprint, etc, I much prefer the pawprint.





Allaglow Distant Drums

Sire:  Stonehenge Sculpted of Allaglow
Dam:  Allaglow Symphony







Distant Drums is a gorgeous son of Stonehenge Sculpted of Allaglow.  He has a gorgeous color and a very whitted tummy, plus he has tiny tiny round tipped ears all of whish came from is sire.  Sculpted was bred by my dear friend and favorite person Sydney Welch.  He has produced some amazing kittens for me.  Drum, like most Symphony kittens, got her pattern and to a great degree her type. 



 Allaglow Symphony                                                                                                                     A Centerwall ALC




                        Allaglow Keyboard

                         Sire:  Allaglow Bruiser
                         Dam:  Allaglow Estrada

















 Keyboard carries many lines to the Centerwall ALC's, and to Segura Kahn (X18).  He also carries lines to Kabuki (X2), Taro (X2), Phantom, Art Deco, and the Margay cross Sugarfoot (X8).  He is one of the most beautiful and loving cats I have seen.  He is a grandson of Kaleb Wheel and is out of one of my two most cherished queens.  Keyboard is from a January 2012 litter of 3, two males and one female.  His litter sister Angelina appears below.  I think she looks amazingly like an F1.



Allaglow Angelina




Allaglow Buttons

Bellagiobengals Olieandro
Dam:  Allaglow Barcelonia








Barcelona, the dam of Buttons




Buttons has many lines to the Centerwall ALC's, and to Segura Kahn (X28), Art Deco (X6), Kabuki, Taro, and to the Margay cross Sugarfoot of Belltown (X16).  He is a great grandson of Kaleb Wheel.  He is from a late fall 2011 litter of three, Buttons and two females, Fantastica and Flamboyant. 



Allaglow Cobra Skin

Sire:  Stonehenge Sculpted of Allaglow
Dam:  Allaglow Extraordinary














This little guy is super sweet and has a stunning pattern.



Allaglow Amazon Moon

    Sire:  Allaglow Moon Sparkles
    Dam:  Allaglow Amazonia


















Allaglow Forest

Sire:  Bellagiobengals Olieandro of Allaglow
Dam:  Allaglow Sun Dappled






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