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Allaglow Correna

Sire:  Allaglow Herrod
Dam:  Allaglow Ever Ready





Correna's sire is a full brother to Paintbrush on Queens.  Their sire is Stonehenge Sculpted of Allaglow, 
their dam Carlissa is a red gold litter sister to Ming (Allaglow Ling Fu X Allaglow Lotus Flower).  
Ever Ready is also a daughter of Allaglow Ling Fu and out of Allaglow Cinders On Silk by 
Sutera Space Orbiter of Allaglow X Kingsmark Ca. Gold of Allaglow.  
Lots of gold and white tummies behind Correna.  Three lines
to the golden boy Stonehenge Galactia of Allaglow (Silvergene Heavy Metal X
Brockenmoor Shiney Star).




Allaglow Spinning Wheels
Sire:  Bellagiobengals Olieandro of Allaglow
Dam:  Allaglow Sun Dappled























Allaglow Ming

Sire:  Allaglow Ling Fu
Dam: Allaglow Lotus Flower


Ming at the age of 8










Ming's son Viceroy

Ming is a gold Bengal, but not as gold as she appears in indoor photo's.  The flash somehow picks up the
gold and enhances it.  I tried photographing her outdoors, and those look rather creamy beige which she is not.   
She has a very difficult color to capture in photo's.  

Ming is line bred to Stonehenge Galactia who was gold.  Galactia was out of the golden German import Brockenmoor Shiny Star,
 and was sired by Silvergene Heavy Metal, a silver son of the legendary silver queen Eeyaa Sterling Silver.  
Heavy was sired by IW, SGC, Kitten of the Year Millwood Ischroon of Dreamland, a son of the legendary white tummied queen 
Millwood French Lace.  Galactia sired Ming's sire, Ling Fu, and her maternal gran dam,
Josephine X Akerrs Colette. Colette was sired by a son of Dicaprio of Starbengal x a Millwood French Lace daughter.  
Ming's maternal grand sire, Neozen Blazing Comet, was also white tummied as was his dam.  Ming was from a
 litter of 5 females, a tan, 2 heavily refused (Cara is the dam of Leading Lady), 1 red gold
(Carlissa is the dam of Paintbrush below, and is the gran dam of Tiago, Key Board, and Angelina), and 1 gold, Ming.  




Allaglow Fanfare
 Sire:  Bellagiobengals Olieandro
  Dam:  Allaglow Barcelona






Allaglow Paintbrush

Sire:  Stonehenge Sculpted of Allaglow
Dam:  Allaglow Carlissa







Paintbrush is a full sister to the sire of Tiago, a maternal half 
sister to the sire of Keyboard and Angelina.  She is a full blood sister to 
Leading Lady, and to the dam of Lion King and Tut.





 Allaglow Sweetheart

     Sire:  Bellagiobengals Olieandro
     Dam:  Allaglow Sun Dappled

















Allaglow Fantastica

Sire:  Bellagiobengals Olieandro
Dam:  Allaglow Barcelonia











Allaglow Rani Gina

Sire:  Allaglow Cobra Skin
Dam:  Allaglow Extraordinary


Baby on Left











Not quite the clouded leopard pattern, but the closest to it that 
I have seen in a domestic cat.










The Marble Cat (species, not the so called marble pattern of the Bengal)
is one of the most rare species and near extinction.  It looks like a much smaller version of the Clouded Leopard.  Many people have tried to breed the Marble or Clouded Leopard pattern from the modified classic tabby pattern called marble in Bengals.  I think that if the pattern is ever achieved, that it will be
from the spotted, not the classic tabby pattern. 
Rani comes closest to the true marble/Clouded pattern of any cat that I have seen.

Rani is the product of breeding Extraordinary to her son Cobra.  It seems 
to have been a good decision.




Allaglow Extraordinary

Sire:  Bellagiobengals Olieandro
Dam:  Allaglow I Am Incredable Too















Exie is the dam of 3 of my stud cats, Cobra, Purrsonality, and Times Two.



Allaglow Angelina

Sire:  Allaglow Bruiser
Dam:  Allaglow Estrada




At four months of age.







Allaglow Corintha

Sire: Zen
 Allaglow Corilla








Corintha with her first litter.









Corintha is a fearless jumper and has a movement and carriage which is the essence of wild.
Corintha is a double granddaughter of my anchor queen Estrada.

Corintha is very difficult to photograph.  She is near 14k gold background with the most intense black markings. 
There is a black sheen to her coat very similar to black glitter.  She has some beautiful resetting which appears as spots in most photo's
due to the black overlay masking the open centers.



Allaglow Serenity

Sire:  Allaglow Herrod
Dam:  Allaglow Olie Olie








At 9 weeks of age and in the fuzzies.


At 14 Weeks.







Allaglow Orians Last Tango
                                                                                                           Sire:  Allaglow Orian Cluster
                                                                                                            Dam:  Allaglow Lepoardess







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