Trinitybengals Azalea of Allaglow

Sire:  Callista Exodus of Trinitybengals  "X-Man"
Dam: Trinitybengals Joli Minou Isabella








Another stunning kitten from Trinity Bengals.  She has the skull formation, nasal bridge, and chin
reminiscent of an F1.  She also has very round tipped, wide ears and most amazing of all, 
HER EYES ARE BROWN!  She has beautiful and elaborate shoulder marking and some wonderful paw print and 
doughnut resetting.  And did I mention that she is sweet!



Most cats like most people make many changes in their appearance between childhood and adult. 
Bengal cat coat colors often go through changes, spots can become rosettes, rosettes can loose their outline and
become spots, head shapes can change, etc.  The photo's of Azalea above this one were made in 2015. 
The above photo was made in February 2017.  Azalea is one of those rare individuals that 
as an adult looks almost identical to the way she looked as a kitten.  She was a stunning kitten, she is a truly stunning cat.



Azalea's dam Isabella


Azalea's sire X Man.



 Allaglow Oncella 

Sire: Allaglow Herrod
Dam:  Allaglow Olie Olie












 Allaglow Cub

 Sire:  Allaglow Herrod
Dam:  Allaglow Olie Olie









Cub's maternal granddame Ole.







Allaglow Orchestrated

Sire:  Allaglow Against All Odds
Dam:  Allaglow Symphony












Allaglow Harp  

Sire:  Allaglow
Tiago  Dam:  Allaglow Orchestrated











 This is Tiago's first
daughter.  I am pleased.  Her dam is Orchestrated who was out of Symphony who
was out of Flute.  I thought Harp appropriate.


Allaglow Mame

Sire: Zen
Dam: Allaglow Show Stopper








Mame has ventured out of the birthing box and into the litter box.  These photos were just too cute not to use. 
She is  a double granddaughter of my anchor queen Estrada.





Allaglow Flame

Sire:  Allaglow Zen
Dam:  Allaglow Show Stopper






There is a widely held belief that ALC's have teeny tiny ears, and most people including a lot of Bengal breeders, have never seen an ALC. 
 I have been blessed to have had the experience.  There is a wide range of ear sizes varying from individual to individual, and from sub-species to sub-species. 
Some are quite small while others are rather huge.  In either case their shape is very different from that of Domestic Shorthair's
(wide base, cupped and forming a little point) and from Siamese (wide base, longer, and forming a point). 
The ALC ears are almost the same width from base to tip which is rounded. 
The cartridge is somewhat more pronounced as are the indentions on the outside edge. 
Flame has the most ALC type ears I have seen on any Bengal. 
Two ALC's appear below.  Compare the ears with those of Flame.



Flame, Dreamer, and Mame are litter sisters. 
They are full blood sisters to Corintha on the Queens II page. 
Same sire, dams are litter sisters.  They are double granddaughters of Allaglow Estrada. 
Flame has an amazing chin and great whisker pads.





Allaglow Show Stopper

Sire: Stonehenge Sculpted of Allaglow
Dam: Allaglow Estrada















 Allaglow Estrada

Sire: Allaglow Ling Fu
Dam: Allaglow Marmelaide

ALC Art Deco of Lionsmountain





Above is Allaglow Estrada.  I have always been intrigued by cats with erratic patterns.  Her sire Allaglow Ling Fu produces some of the most unique patterns I have seen when crossed with the Stonehenge Salome of Allaglow line queens.  Estrada is out of Allaglow Marmelaide who was from Allaglow Aurora Borealis' only litter.  Aurora was a daughter of Allaglow Orian Cluster and out of Stonehenge Salome of Allaglow.  More than half of my cats share Junglebook Art Deco Cameo as their female line.  I think Estrada bears a striking resemblence to Art Deco.  He is longer legged, and longer necked, but her head and body structure is amazingly simular.




Allaglow Amazonia

Sire:  TGC Junglekatz Zion of Simply Simes
Dam:  Allaglow Estrada










I am hoping to get her bred to Vincent (Buttons x Ming) later this year.






Allaglow Amazonia Rain

Sire: Stonehenge Sculpted of Allaglow
Dam: Allaglow Amazonia








Allaglow Exquesite

Sire:  Allaglow Butttons
      Dam:  Allaglow I Will Be Queen
















Allaglow Deliverance
     Sire:  Allaglow Forest
     Dam:  Allaglow Cecelia





Deliverance sire, Allaglow Forest (Olieandro X Sun Dappled (Sculpted X Ming)










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